How to Apply in School

Dear Parents/Students,

Apply now is a facility of using which you can apply online in schools that are in tie-up with You don't need to fill different forms for different schools. Just fill one form and this form will be shared with all schools of your interest.

Please follow the following steps to apply online

Create the students profile

Fill the Parents Details in the students profile section

Add the Name and Birth details of the child for whom you wish to apply(Please Add the name even if you had made the profile by same students name)

Add the Name and Birth details of the other child (Sibling)if you wish

Now you are ready to send the details and Apply for admission in any school.

Please Note Its an Application Form ,it doesn’t confirm the Admission of the candidate

Schooljano will send your request to the school with the massage given below :-

Kindly consider my son/daughter/ward/ Application for admission to above mentioned Class and School. I declare that the information furnished in the attached form is true and accurate, and if it is later discovered that some information has been suppressed or found to be incorrect, this application may be rejected; and could lead to a termination from the school.

I also fully understand that acceptance of this application form is left entirely to the discretion of the School authorities, and does not in any way guarantee admission.

I further accept that trying to bring influence in any form or from any quarter shall summarily disqualify candidature.

(Sending the Form Means *)

Date :

Yours’ Faithfully
(Name Of Parent)

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