How To Add School

1-Please Sign Up with your basic details (Name, Email & Phone Number) for Free Primary Membership on the    icon at the top right.

2-Fill the Profile Page of the school with details shown below.


3- Submit the Profile Page and fill 2nd page with the below details.


4-On 3rd Page Upload the Logo, Front Banner of School, Youtube Link and Photos of the school.

5-For Better School Profile Please use the pixel size as given below. Logo -110/100-Pixels Front Banner(School Building)- 700/300- Pixels

6-Copy -Past the Youtube Video link

7-Upload the school activity photos in add image-upload photo( 8 to 12 Photographs)

8- Copy-Past the url of school website or facebook page in the different activity box.

9-Click the “Submit” Button to complete the webpage to be published within 48hr after the approval of the schooljano Team.

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