By Durga K Nair,
Yuvabharathi Global School CBSE,

Yes, Mathematics absolutely it’s a Boon for all the students who want to excel in academic endeavours.

How to entice students’ interest in Mathematics?

A powerful trigger to cultivate a love for Maths is to own the enthusiasm in the mind of students while teaching because children tend to attach a value to each subject.

Seeing their teacher or parent whom they idealise, values mathematics, they understand the underlined importance of this interesting subject.

Encourage the children to solve problems involving maths outside of school such as in the grocery store, while travelling the car, etc.

Extrinsic motivation involves rewards that occur outside the learner’s control. These may include token economic rewards for good performance, peer acceptance of good performance, avoidance of “punishment”, praise for good work, and so on.

However, many students demonstrate intrinsic motivation in their desire to understand a topic or concept, to outperform others or to impress others.

Strategy for increasing student’s motivation in Maths.

Call attention to avoid in students’ knowledge:

Revealing to students a gap in their understanding capitalizes on their desire to learn more. The more dramatically you reveal the gap in understanding, the more effective the motivation.

Show a sequential achievement:

Closely related to the preceding technique is having students appreciate a logical sequence of concepts.

Discover a pattern:

Setting up a contrived situation that leads students to discover a pattern can often be quite motivating, as they take pleasure in finding and then owning an idea.

Present a challenge:

When students are challenged intellectually, they react with enthusiasm. Great care must be taken in selecting the challenge. The problem must definitely lead into the lesson and be within reach of the students’ abilities.

Indicate the usefulness of a topic:

Introduce a practical application of genuine interest to the class at the beginning of a topic. The applications chosen should be brief and uncomplicated to motivate the topic rather than it must be brief and simple.

Effective execution of this technique

It will allow students to complete the recreation without much effort.

Tell a pertinent story:

A story of a historical event or a contrived situation can motivate students. Teachers should not rush while telling the story – a hurried presentation minimizes the potential motivation of the strategy.

Get students actively involved in justifying mathematical curiosity:

One of the more effective techniques for motivating students is to ask them to justify one of many pertinent mathematical curiosities. The students should be familiar and comfortable with the mathematical curiosity before the teacher challenges them to defend it.

 For the teachers

Teachers of mathematics must understand the basic motives already present in their learners. The teacher can then play on these motivations to maximize engagement and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching process.

With Mathematics, surviving in the game of life would be a boon!

Have some great Math teaching experiences!

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