Why Teacher should use CV not Resume

Here comes the list of reasons why teacher should use CV not Resume.

A CV is Curriculum Vitae is used to showcase the Career Progression of Academicians and Research Scholar. It is often used as a Resume but both are not the same.

“To err is Human.”

Not just a phase but reality. You make common mistakes every day without even knowing what you did.

Instead of going for a reality check-up, you prefer to scuttle the word of mouth, thus end up making errors.

It is, therefore, pivotal to know every outlook.

Let’s share what do you require pre-job-placement while applying for School Jobs. That is why teacher should use CV not resume while applying in Day School, Boarding School even Colleges and Universities too.

To know why Teachers should use CV not Resume, kindly scroll down.


Whether you wish to become a Teacher either by Choice or Chance doesn’t matter.

Once you are entangled into this beautiful profession, you shall start working on how you can devote your sincere efforts to your subject area.

Whenever you are appearing for the interview in a School, never enter with a RESUME, but go with CURRICULUM VITAE.

I will tell you why?

Corporate, Professionals even Fresher uses a 2-page Resume before appearing for a Job Interview.

It focuses on the Corporate Skill required for the expansion of career, past achievements, performance score.  

Resume does not present the research on you, it only has given an overview of who you are and what you did.

But your CV also tells how you did it. It is impossible to cover your course of life in limited space.

Thus it is unlimited; enunciate your academic achievements, subject expertise, uncovered discoveries, and your excellence.

The CV has a broader dimension, a bigger scope to highlight your take-aways. That is why Teacher should use CV not Resume


Let’s set your Fundamental Objective at top of CV:

Teachers must showcase your Objective in Career in their curriculum vitae
Goal Setting is Must to make your dreams come true

It is very crucial to be clear with your vision of life and here lies the importance of showcasing your ultimate objective in your CV

Your objective shall match career progression that can lead you to achieve it and clarity of vision will make your CV articulate about who you are!

SWOC Corner is mandatory in the CV:

Teachers must include Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat in the Curriculm Vitae
Work on your Strengths & Weaknesses. Avail Opportunities and Overcome Challenges

This self-analysis SWOC Window can really upgrade your CV by 10 times.

It is an important element of CV thus recommended.

Even the pioneer search engine, Google is also eager to know your challenges and failure corners before taking you as a part of its Family.

Thus your CV shall reflect the following items:

  • Strenght
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunity
  • Challenges

Talk about your Learning Outcomes:

May it be a spectacular success or a fatal failure, speak it up.

The recruiters would like to see what you learn from failure. It gives them a space to think about your stability at the time of the lost battle.

It will actually present the kind of personality you have. You can quote a few illustrations from your past memories as well.

Don’t forget to mention your Research Work in your CV:

Research shall be given a special space in the curriculum vitae
Research of Subject is important

Research is very important whosoever is engaged in the line of Academics.

You have invested ample amount of time, energy, efforts, dedication so let’s talk about it.  

Formatting Guidelines:

Specify your Professional Qualification and Academic Qualification separately:


Academic Qualification describes your academic learning, where you get an insight into the subject, developing values chain and nurturing your individual self.

It makes Market ready so that at least you can get a job to survive.

But to beat the cut-throat competition and become the expert of your domain, professional qualification becomes mandatory.

Your academics play a great role in adding value to your career, personality, intellectual and life that defines how well you are equipped with the different aspects of that domain,

For example, in the case of Teaching Prospect, one must be a graduate of his domain; add-on of Professional Qualification can be B.Ed or M.Ed, BTC or NTT, D.El.Ed or B.P.Ed

Highlighting your skills makes you more available and wanted and eligible for the given post.

Basically the aim of any professional education is to in-build you with Job-related skills within you so that you can sort the difficulties by your analysis.
That is why Teacher should use CV not Resume.

Say a BIG NO to Misrepresentation:

Never use any false information in your curriculum vitae
One Misrepresentation damages 1000 Opportunities

Starting anything with a lie has no life may that be anything either a relationship or a Job.

Present only what you have, if you have potential you will definitely be given a chance to prove it, otherwise, you have to face another face of a coin – a rejection. 

But it is not the end of the world; other avenues will remain open for you.

Try every next time. Especially when you are going to appear for the interview of Teaching Profile, never use falsified documents.

It will give you nothing but a dint.

Take Care of Font Style, Type, and Size:

When you are drafting your curriculum vitae it has to be proper and systemized. Prefer either the Times New Roman or Arial as font type.

Use proper font size for heading either 14 or 16 and for Text, use 12 with 1.5 line spacing.

Bold the sentences only when you need to give emphasis on any content.

Don’t try to explore the creativity with the fonts otherwise, you may flop the show.

Use Graphics over Text in Career Progression:

Showcase your Growth via curves
Showing Career Progression in Charts is impactful

May that be the representation of your Performance in the past organization or career progression, showcasing it with the graphs and charts enhances the outlook and emphasis.

Don’t Overcook the Details:

Too Much of anything is never welcoming
Too Much of anything is never welcoming. Keep it to the point.

Too much of anything is never good.

No one has the time to go through the lengthy paragraphs thus, mention only the required information in bullets and pointers, easy to grab.

Match the Keywords in Curriculum Vitae

Teachers much mention the right skill in their curriculum vitae
Plan the keywords wisely while writing your skillset

Choosing the right keyword is very important especially when you are defining your skillset and strength.

For example, instead of using Teaching Skills use Pedagogical Skills.

You need to understand the gravity of each term and suitability as per the requirement

Don’t make it look like a canvas painting:

If you think that colors can add a look to the CV, then you are wrong.

Do not use more than two colors in the CV. Better if you try Blank with white background and grey heading straps.

Highlight your skill-set:

You are always hired for your skills, knowledge, and ability thus write it well in your CV and it shall be a match with your profession.

For example Ability of Quick Learner is admirable for a teaching profession.

Showcase the wardrobe of Achievements:

All your achievements, especially those which are related to your profession must be highlighted.

For example any excellence award for your contribution awards for your academic performance and so on.

Don’t forget to cement your Research Work:

Change is the law of every domain, so as the norms and requirements.

If we talk about future-oriented study patter, research is one important aspect of any teacher.

Thus, showcase your research work which is published in Journals, especially for the teachers of higher and senior secondary. 

Short presentation of your personal details:

You need to understand that the interviewer is barely interested to talk about your personal background.

Thus make it as smaller as possible. If you want to peep into it, he will ask about it.

Don’t forget to mention the declaration in the CV:

The curriculum vitae shall carry a declaration column to authenticate that the information provided by you is valid along with the Date and your signature.

It has more impact than Resume in the field of Academics. Therefore, it was mentioned why Teacher should use CV not Resume

Now remember to upload your Curriculum Vitae not Resume for Teaching jobs on Job portals.

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